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"I took classes with Trish Allen 14 years ago. I was in the studio this year recording an 9-hour marathon voice-over session. I was thinking "thanks Trish" because it would have literally been impossible to accomplish without her techniques. I feel like she should garnish my wages or I should at least buy her dinner. But I definitely owe her."

Kristos Sultan
Voice-Over Actor (Nissan/Disney/Paramount/Cartoon newscaster)

If you only consider what is appropriate
you'll never discover the exceptional.

I believe the teaching of Voice work has to be as organic, flexible and alive as the voice itself. I see my job as one of a facilitator building upon the strong base of knowledge engendered in me by several Master teachers; constantly experimenting with and developing new approaches, incorporating different methodologies and expanding my ideas and viewpoint in order to offer the students an approach to the work that is alive and vital.

I think of the Voice as the entire being - the expression of self. I have developed my work to facilitate students in exploring the breath, the sound and themselves in a non-invasive way, thereby allowing them to embrace possibilities that would not have ordinarily accurred to them.

My work is deeply rooted in freeing the Voice by unlocking the body, the sound, the ear, the motions and imagination. i seek to work with each student individually, guiding and encouraging them as they make discoveries, unlocking thei own freedom and range of expression.

My goal is integration; so I aspire to work closely with colleagues from all fields of expertise to nurture performers who understand the inter-relationship of all the skills, systems and theories they explore; who will continue to investigate and incorporate new facets of the creative process throughout their careers.

-Trish Allen

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